We are a team of IT professionals that works hard every day to make a life of our customers easier. Mostly we are focused on QA aspects of application development and we try hard to make sure that product we release to a customer is a highest quality possible. We started few years ago and realized that the key to success of an application and a customer is very simple – your QA team has to be truly independent and should have no relation to your development team. This way they can be objective about the state of the product in terms of quality and all of the processes they are involved in.

You can join our public slack to communicate better: https://join.slack.com/t/thescimus/shared_invite/enQtMjQ5MDg4NDc1MTkwLWFjMGNjODY4YjVkYzU5MDRlMWY3OGRkMDQwNDJmYzg1NjllNWZjNDQ5YTE0MDIwOWE0Nzk3MjI4MjExOWM0ZDE